Dear Alumnus,

The Alumni Association of St.Joseph’s college cordially invites the effective response from our esteemed Josephites from all walks of life across the world to augment all the activities of the association in the interest of the student community. St.Joseph’s Alumni Association enjoys the unique privilege and pride of having its office housed in Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Block with efficient staff and laudable infrastructural facilities inclusive of a guest house for the alumni of St.Joseph’s from all over the world. Together we achieve more. So help other Josephites to become the life member of this august body of leaders.

Alumni members who are in different walks of life are, therefore, invited to visit their alma mater, whenever possible, and renew the umbilical bondage. Further, they may also create opportunities to share how they developed themselves under the shade of this great institution and blossomed themselves from the foundation received from the college. Above all, they could surely contribute to the growth of the institution and render their support and guidance. Particularly, accompanying the graduates to placement and higher studies where they would flourish is the responsibility of alumni. Moreover, college is proud of alumni whenever they visit the alma mater, appreciate new ventures that the officials plan to make the college better and make relevant changes in infrastructure and academia which shape up the nation.

On behalf of the Alumni Association of St. Joseph’s College I wish you all the best. May God bless you.

Your’s Fraternally
Rev.Fr.U.Godwin Rufus SJ